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Plastik Wrap

Wrap yourself in Plastik Wrap

plastik wrap
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Showcasing Plastik Wrap products, news, events.
welcome to the 1st & only community for the Canadian brand Plastik Wrap

if you are a fan, make sure and join!
you can:

+ post comments about the brand
+ questions
+ pictures of you in your Plastik Wrap gear
+ yearning for what you want
+ anything else related to the brand :)

**If you want even more Plastik Wrap fun check out PlastikARMY.com

yes, the usual rules do apply:

1) be considerate of others [duh]
2) if you post pictures, please use a cut tag - it helps those who have to scroll through their friends list and/or have a slower internet connection
3) don't bad mouth the brand - if you have something negative to say, be honest, but not rude or insulting.
4)sales - please keep in mind ONLY PLASTIK WRAP related sales are acceptable, all other sales are going to be deleted.
5) auctions - again, only PLASTIK WRAP related auctions are ok, to post, everything else will be deleted!

If you have any questions, just e-mail me or message me on my personal journal.